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Perks of Investing in your Custom Cosmetic Packaging

22 Sep 2019
Cosmetic Boxes

Whether you have just started off a cosmetic brand or been in the business for a long time, your product packaging is one of the decisive factors for potential customers to like your items. With similar product range, makeup brands face a cutthroat competition and it’s not easy to retain existing customers and acquire new ones. So while your product development team spends time and effort in coming up with better and innovative products, your packaging needs a consistent revamp as well. A customer looking for a bronzer or highlighter would surely be attracted towards a brand’s product that has been displayed in a dazzling box. So don’t ignore your product packaging as it plays a significant role in making an instant and lasting impression about your makeup products and brand. Here are the benefits of investing in your cosmetic boxes!

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Elements that Count for Remarkable Retail Packaging

15 Sep 2019
Retail Boxes

For retailers, it is getting really challenging to pitch their products to potential buyers, as a customer is bombarded with so many advertising and marketing messages every day. Most of which get ignored. So retailers have to adopt a smart approach with not only their product development ideas but with packaging as well. A kickass item packaged blandly would definitely be rejected by the consumers. To win over a customer’s attention and then his/her loyalty, you need to go beyond and make your product and packaging equally worth noticing. Many thriving businesses believe that they don’t have to improve their product packaging after a certain period of time, the notion is utterly wrong. Customers are very demanding, have a short attention span and get bored quite easily. So if you are retailer struggling to get your product popular across your target market, here are the vital elements of packaging you need to consider!

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Custom Packaging Tips for Online Brands- Dos and Don’ts

8 Sep 2019
Custom Boxes

Customers of digital era prefer shopping from online stores. It is easy, saves times and has become quite secure as well. Over the past few years, e-commerce industry has bloomed and there comes cutthroat competition with which every brand is struggling to acquire new customers along with pleasing the existing ones. Product packaging for online brands is of immense importance. First of all, since a business has only virtually communicated with the customers, boxes for products are an opportunity to woo the buyers and leave a lasting impression about the brand. For new online startups, branding through packaging counts, it can make or break a business’ perception. Secondly, the quality of the product gets affected if your packaging is not up to the mark, shipping over long distance can take a toll on the texture of an item especially the fragile ones. So here are the important dos and don’ts of custom packaging for online stores!

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Checklist for Finding the Right Online Printing Service Provider

1 Sep 2019
Retail Boxes

You have to avail printing services at some point in time, be it your business stationery that you want to get customized or favor boxes for your housewarming party. There are countless online printing companies which have made it quite convenient for the customers to place orders and have their products shipped at their doorstep. The downside of this thriving online printing business is that it has become difficult to differentiate between professional printers and scammers. Every service provider that you will come across would make big claims and promises; it is quite puzzling to know which one of the service providers is credible enough to be relied on. Here, we are listing some useful tips for you to thoroughly gauge a printer before subscribing to the services!

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